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Creative Customizing Center Within A Store Kit


In today’s mass produced world, there’s a growing trend among customers who enjoy customizing basic products and creating their own custom look. Office Depot, Sharpie and Scotch brands recognized this trend and wanted to create a unique store-within-a-store to implement a new “customization” category that inspires customers to create their own uniquely designed products.



Need for products to be creatively merchandised to inspire customers with a variety of examples of what could be achieved using different markers and tapes

- Ability for future updates and product changes three or four times per year

- Need to inspire customers to purchase multiple related products


Created merchandising displays that captured the excitement and examples of creative projects, from  dayminders to lunch boxes, picture frames and desk organizers

- Department focal points were two inspirational and colorful end caps

- Created a modular store-within-a-store kit that could be adapted to 11 different store layouts, different fixture sizes and planograms

- All sign panels be easily changed for updating or new promotions and the kit was easily installed by store associates

Sales increased dramatically per square foot over the old category without losing sales from existing products


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