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Samaritan has Decades of DIY and Home Improvement Merchandising Experience

With the recent surge in home improvement TV shows and the number of commercials on football Sundays, the desire for consumers to create their dream homes has never been stronger. However, these shows and commercials can make projects look easier than they really are.

Learn how our team can help create an impactful Point-of-Purchase display for your retail business. Contact Samaritan today! - 847.882.7214

While Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects can save consumers money, and accomplishing a project can be really rewarding, consumers need to be realistic about what type of home improvement they can tackle.

Before beginning any home improvement project, consumers want to know they’re selecting the right product for their needs and they want to feel confident they have the right tools and skills to be able to successfully complete the DIY project.

For many shoppers who want to take on their own home improvement projects, creating in-store merchandising displays to help them select products is more important than ever, especially when assistance from store personnel is limited.

Using our proprietary Design Logic™, Samaritan designers understand that consumers want the best value and product for their most important investment … their home.

An effective DIY custom P.O.P. display must attract their attention and inspire them to want to make the home improvement. Shoppers want to know that they can do the project easily and quickly and need to understand:Learn how our team can help create an impactful Point-of-Purchase display for your retail business. Contact Samaritan today! - 847.882.7214

- Which product is right for my home?
- What are the differences between the products?
- Do I have all the tools, components and skills to be able to complete the project?

At Samaritan, we create home improvement retail merchandising displays that help shoppers find the right products for their needs and inspire them to make the purchase as well as ancillary purchases of related products, supplies and tools. Our retail merchandising systems and custom Point-of-Purchase displays include cross-selling opportunities to help drive additional sales and increase revenue and profit margins for retailers and brands.

Learn how our design team uses its DIY industry experience to create the right retail Point-of-Purchase displays to help consumers take on a variety of home improvement projects.  Contact Samaritan today! - 877.602.6232

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